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What is the difference between the membership options?

The Bridal Society currently offers two membership options: Certified Membership and Design Membership.

To become a Certified Member, one must first complete our Wedding Planning Certification. This course covers all aspects of wedding planning from beginning to end, and it is perfect for planners with all levels of experience. Those who complete this course receive lifetime complimentary Certified Membership, which includes free monthly continuing education workshops, exclusive discounts with our industry partners, connection with thousands of fellow Certified Wedding Planners through our private forum, and so much more!

To become a Design Member, one must first complete our Wedding Design Fundamentals Certification. This course is an in-depth study of wedding design. Those who complete this course receive lifetime complimentary Design Membership, which includes exclusive discounts with our industry partners.

You can sign up for either of these classes in a work-at-your-own-pace format by clicking the "CERTIFICATION" tab at the top of this page. You can even save $200 with our bundle option!

Do I have to buy any course materials for these classes? 

Your registration fee includes all course materials. We update the content and layout of the workbook frequently, so you will always have access to its latest version digitally via your membership login.

The Wedding Design Fundamentals Certification course includes digital resources which can be downloaded as you move through the course at your own pace.

I work at a wedding venue — should I take the Wedding Planning Certification?

Absolutely! Our Wedding Planning Certification covers many concepts that apply to independent wedding planners, as well as those who handle events at wedding venues. We also discuss the different ways that wedding planners and venue staff members can work together to make each other's jobs easier. There are many advantages to having positive relationships with independent wedding planners. After completing this certification, you will be part of an international community of wedding professionals.

What kind of support do you offer after I have taken the Wedding Planning Certification? 

After completing the Wedding Planning Certification Conference, you will be a lifetime Certified Member of The Bridal Society. There are NO renewal fees, NO annual fees, and NO hidden fees. You will gain access to our secret members-only forum, where you and thousands of your fellow Certified Members can discuss and share your experiences. This is an incredibly supportive group of wedding professionals. You will also have access to free business workshops, which cover a wide variety of topics within the wedding industry. For a more thorough list of the membership benefits you will receive after becoming certified, visit the "MEMBERSHIP" tab.

Why is it so important to gain my Wedding Planning Certification?

Earning your Wedding Planning Certification will advance your career by giving you a wealth of practical information specific to the wedding industry. Your internationally recognized certification will set you apart as someone who is serious about your career and who values continuing education.

How long is my Wedding Planning Certification valid? 

Your internationally recognized Wedding Planning Certification is valid for your entire career. With that said, your success in the wedding planning industry will require patience, experience, and ongoing education. The Bridal Society is committed to your success. After you have completed the course and receive your certification, we will have additional ongoing education opportunities available to you. You are under no obligation to attend our continuing education courses, but they are always available to you and are included in your lifetime membership at no extra charge.

What will I receive after I finish the course?

After successfully completing the course, you will receive your certificate and membership badge. Your certificate will be recognized internationally and should be displayed proudly.


You will also be sent digital badges to reflect your current membership status with The Bridal Society. You may use these badges on any marketing material of your choosing.

I've always dreamed of becoming a wedding planner, but how do I know if this is the right career for me? 

Our Wedding Planning Certification will help you determine if this is the right career choice for you. A portion of the course is dedicated to assessing your personality traits and learning how to use each to your advantage in your career as a wedding planner. After attending the conference, you will have the knowledge you need to make an informed decision about whether this career path is right for you.

Can The Bridal Society deny my registration and not allow me to attend?  

The Bridal Society has the right to deny registration if we feel there would be a conflict of interest. If we find that you are a competitor or work for a competitor, your registration will be revoked. In addition to this, we only train those interested in a career as a wedding planner or a wedding venue professional. There are times when it is appropriate for caterers, DJ's, or florists to take this course if they are considering adding wedding planning services to their business that they will participate in personally, but other companies such as transportation providers, bakers, photographers, or videographers are discouraged from taking this course, as the content does not apply to them.

How do I sign up for one of your certification courses?

View the "CERTIFICATION COURSES" tab on this website for your options.

Am I required to be an active member of your organization in order to take this course?

Absolutely not! The Bridal Society is committed to your success. We give you the tools you need to further your career, but you are under no obligation to use them. When you complete our Wedding Planning Certification, you are a member of The Bridal Society for life. There are NO annual dues, NO ongoing fees, and NO hidden fees.

What if I am unhappy with the course after I take it? 

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are unhappy with your experience taking our Wedding Planning Certification course, we will refund the entire registration amount. The complaint would have to be made within 24 hours of completing the course. With that being said, we have never had an attendee request to be reimbursed. We are proud to have a 100% satisfaction rating! Please read our testimonials.

Is The Bridal Society an Accredited Business? 

Yes, The Bridal Society is accredited through the Better Business Bureau because we meet their high business standards. We have an A+ rating with the BBB.

I am already certified through another organization. Can I become a member of The Bridal Society?

Absolutely! In order to become a member of The Bridal Society, we do require that you take our Wedding Planning Certification, regardless of your current credentials. The reason for this is because The Bridal Society has certain standards and a specific code of ethics that we require all of our members to uphold, and we want to make sure that everyone is on the same page. We feel very strongly as an organization that every member values community over competition, treats their clients and colleagues with integrity, and follows other guidelines that are more clearly explained throughout our program.


Not only that, but we truly feel that every wedding planner deserves to experience our program from beginning to end, with all of the helpful information, resources, and benefits we offer along the way. Even after you complete our program, you will continue to enjoy lifetime certification, membership, and support from The Bridal Society for the rest of your career. This includes free monthly continuing education workshops, exclusive discounts with leading companies in the industry, and 24/7 connection with your fellow TBS members worldwide through our private forum.

Why is your program so affordable compared to other options? 

The Bridal Society puts in every effort to make our program as affordable as possible. Our mission is to raise the standards in the wedding industry and to provide continuing education. In order to do this, we have made it a priority to offer our certification programs at a rate that is affordable for the many, rather than the few. Our hearts are with wedding planners, not the bottom line. Many of our competitors overprice themselves and continue to charge their members year after year to maintain their certifications. The Bridal Society never charges recurring membership fees or certification renewal fees. We offer complimentary lifetime membership to anyone who has completed our program. This lifetime membership includes free monthly continuing education workshops, exclusive discounts with our industry partners, connection with thousands of fellow Certified Wedding Planners via our private forum, and so much more!


We are here to support this industry in any way we can. Supporting our alumni throughout their careers brings us immeasurable joy and motivation. One way we are able to keep our program affordable is by being a green company, which lowers our administrative expenses and allows us to pass our own savings along to you.

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The Bridal Society provides one of the best, most informative and affordable certification conferences in the world. This certification program attracts people from all over the globe! Our in-person conferences always sell out, so be sure to register early to reserve your seat! There is also an online option so that you can take the course at your own pace.

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