16 Hour Program

Instructor Video + Slideshow Presentation Format

Wedding Planning Certification Topics:

  • Harnessing Your Personality & Communication Style

  • Embodying the Best Qualities a Wedding Planner Can Have

  • How to Explain to Clients and Venues Why They Need a Wedding Planner

  • Building Fantastic Relationships With Venues

  • Educating Your Clients on Wedding Etiquette & Best Practices

  • Importance of a Preferred Vendors List & Building a Dream Team

  • Recognizing Great Qualities in Each Category of Wedding Professionals

  • Make the Most out of Each Type of Wedding Venue

  • Implementing Effective Communication Strategies to Succeed 

  • Practice Professional Email Etiquette to Make Lasting Impressions

  • Practice Proper Business Etiquette to Maintain the Highest Level of Integrity

  • Developing Lasting Business Relationships

  • Build Your Dream Career (for new and experienced planners)

  • Fit Into Your Niche Marketplace and Build a Stellar Reputation

  • Building Your Portfolio - What to include and not include

  • Ensuring Your Website has the Correct Information to Get the Best Results

  • Protect Your Business in Your Contracts

  • Reserving Room Blocks at Hotels

  • Review Vendor Contracts & Proposals

  • Charging Correctly For Your Services & Know Your Worth

  • Structuring Your Services & Packages 

  • Conducting Effective Initial Consultations and Booking More Clients

  • Closing The Deal Properly

  • Turning Your Clients' Dreams Into Reality

  • Responding to Challenging Clients While Keeping Your Integrity

  • How to Assist Your Client with their Wedding Budget

  • Understanding Wedding Invitation Etiquette

  • Handling Assigned Seating at Your Events

  • Understanding Wedding Attire & Styles

  • How to Bustle Wedding Gowns

  • Pinning Boutonnieres Quickly & Accurately

  • Creating Impressive Wedding Day Itineraries

  • Conducting Efficient Wedding Rehearsals

  • Diving Deep into the Wedding Day Coordination Process

  • Managing the Cocktail Hour & Reception

  • How to Harness the Art of Tact

  • PLUS additional tips for success from our Founder & CEO, Laurie Hartwell!

7 Hour Program

Slideshow Video Presentation Format

Design Fundamentals Certification Topics:

  • Your Clients' Vision

  • Analyzing The Venue

  • Consulting With The Decorator

  • Linen Selection

  • Tenting The Event

  • Lighting The Event

  • Understanding Color Palettes

  • Commonly Overlooked Details

  • Dessert Design Considerations

  • Stationery Considerations

  • Floor Plan Tools & Considerations

  • Charging & Pricing For Design

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