Conference Topics

The topics below are just a few things we discuss in the certification conference.

Discussing the qualities make up the “best of the best” wedding professionals and how you set yourself up to succeed!

How to educate couples on the importance of having a planner and how you can gain more business by making yourself invaluable not only to your clients, but to wedding venues as well.

Learn about different personality types so that you can understand yourself and realize what your strengths and weaknesses are. The better you can understand yourself, your clients, and other wedding professionals, the better wedding professional you will be.

The terms every wedding planner and wedding venue should know.

Wedding etiquette is constantly changing. We will discuss some dos and don’ts that will help you stay in the know and help your clients have a fantastic wedding!

Communication is incredibly important to any successful business/career. We will discuss the four most common communication styles. You will learn which communication style you tend to use more often and how to communicate effectively with those who have a different communication style than yourself.

Many wedding planners and wedding venue professionals would like to improve their business relationships. We will discuss some key strategies that will help you build meaningful and long-lasting relationships with your business peers.

We will discuss key strategies in picking the right professionals to work with and recommend. Working with vendors who share the same vision and customer service standards as you is key in keeping your clients' best interest at heart.

Educating your clients about having a realistic budget can be an important part of your service. We will discuss all of the important elements to keep in mind when helping your clients develop their budget. This section includes information for both wedding planners and wedding venue professionals.

We will discuss how to run a business for those who already own or plan to open their business as an independent wedding planner. We discuss ways to stay current and tips to keep your clients happy. We will also discuss your business contract.

We will talk about how important it is to know which services you are willing to provide and how to price them in a way that is affordable for your clients but also reflects your true worth. We go over different ways wedding planners charge for their services, what the national average of pricing is, and how to customize your packages.

We will discuss key strategies when meeting a potential client for the first time, what to bring to the meeting, what questions to ask, and how to make a great first impression.

Closing the Deal can be very challenging for many people in business. We will give you some useful tools to help you reach your goals and to book more clients.

We discuss ways to handle negative situations if they arise and how to avoid these problems in the first place.

Your detailed itinerary/timeline will set the tone for the wedding day. It is important to make sure everything runs smoothly and on schedule. In this section, we discuss the best ways to keep everyone organized and on point to ensure the wedding day is seamless.

A wedding planning checklist is so much more than what your clients can find in a magazine. We provide you with a complete checklist you can provide for your clients that will help them feel prepared for their big day.

Learn new and improved ways on how to conduct a wedding rehearsal and keep it under 30 minutes. In this section, we demonstrate how to run through a rehearsal quickly and painlessly and discuss what to say and when.

Whether the ceremony is at a church, a park, or a hotel ballroom, there are several things we will discuss during this section that you will want to consider when it comes to the wedding ceremony details & planning.

We will discuss how to bring all 5,000+ wedding details together to execute a seamless day for your clients.

A comprehensive knowledge of cocktail hour options will help your client make informed decisions when it comes to this section of their big day.

The seating, the food, the drinks, the party favors… this is only the beginning. We will go over every detail that you must consider in order to ensure the reception goes smoothly. This section will also cover ways that you can work with the venue coordinator and the other wedding professionals to make the day a success.

Many people in business are unaware that they are turning off potential clients and other wedding professionals by using bad email etiquette. In this section, we will make sure you know how to impress your contacts through any mode of communication.

Knowing what to say is one thing. Knowing how to say it is another. We will discuss some ways that you can make sure you are coming off professionally no matter how delicate the conversation. You will also learn the main differences between successful people and unsuccessful people.

Learn how to answer any stationary etiquette question, proper invitation wording, and how to become an invitation dealer.

This interactive exercise will have you working in small teams to assist your ficticious client to determine the right color scheme and linens to go well with the chosen centerpiece.

This section of the conference discusses considerations a professional planner needs to think about when it comes to creating a floor plan for their clients. We will share great software to use to ensure you stay organized and on point.


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