16 Hour Program

Instructor Video + Slideshow Presentation Format

Wedding Planning Certification Topics:

  • Harnessing Your Personality & Communication Style

  • Embodying the Best Qualities a Wedding Planner Can Have

  • How to Explain to Clients and Venues Why They Need a Wedding Planner

  • Building Fantastic Relationships With Venues

  • Educating Your Clients on Wedding Etiquette & Best Practices

  • Importance of a Preferred Vendors List & Building a Dream Team

  • Recognizing Great Qualities in Each Category of Wedding Professional

  • Make the Most out of Each Type of Wedding Venue

  • Implementing Effective Communication Strategies to Succeed 

  • Practice Professional Email Etiquette to Make Lasting Impressions

  • Practice Proper Business Etiquette to Maintain the Highest Level of Integrity

  • Developing Lasting Business Relationships

  • Build Your Dream Career (for new and experienced planners)

  • Fit Into Your Niche Marketplace and Build a Stellar Reputation

  • Building Your Portfolio - What to include and not include

  • Ensuring Your Website has the Correct Information to Get the Best Results

  • Protect Your Business in Your Contracts

  • Reserving Room Blocks at Hotels

  • Review Vendor Contracts & Proposals

  • Charging Correctly For Your Services & Know Your Worth

  • Structuring Your Services & Packages 

  • Conducting Effective Initial Consultations and Booking More Clients

  • Closing The Deal Properly

  • Turning Your Clients' Dreams Into Reality

  • Responding to Challenging Clients While Keeping Your Integrity

  • How to Assist Your Client with their Wedding Budget

  • Understanding Wedding Invitation Etiquette

  • Handling Assigned Seating at Your Events

  • Understanding Wedding Attire & Styles

  • How to Bustle Wedding Gowns

  • Pinning Boutonnieres Quickly & Accurately

  • Creating Impressive Wedding Day Itineraries

  • Conducting Efficient Wedding Rehearsals

  • Diving Deep into the Wedding Day Coordination Process

  • Managing the Cocktail Hour & Reception

  • How to Harness the Art of Tact

  • PLUS additional tips for success from our Founder & CEO, Laurie Hartwell!

7 Hour Program

Slideshow Video Presentation Format

Design Fundamentals Certification Topics:

  • Your Clients' Vision

  • Analyzing The Venue

  • Consulting With The Decorator

  • Linen Selection

  • Tenting The Event

  • Lighting The Event

  • Understanding Color Palettes

  • Commonly Overlooked Details

  • Dessert Design Considerations

  • Stationery Considerations

  • Floor Plan Tools & Considerations

  • Charging & Pricing For Design

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The Bridal Society provides one of the best, most informative and affordable certification conferences in the world. This certification program attracts people from all over the globe! Our in-person conferences always sell out, so be sure to register early to reserve your seat! There is also an online option so that you can take the course at your own pace.

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